Dance with My Child

Dance with My Child is a 20 minute digital display of photographs with sound track.

In December 2011 I took three sequences of photographs of myself, shrouded in silk, in a wild, Baltic seashore landscape. The sequences are named after the three peninsulas on which they were taken. A small selection of each series is shown here. Each of the three sequences contains 60 - 70 photographs that are integrated to make three films of 5 to 8 minutes.


The soundtrack:

The sound track was recorded in July 2012 at ToneZone Studios in Stockholm. It was created specially for the three sequences. The musicians are Karin Frölén, soprano and Kina Sellergren, cornetto.


Here I show a selection of photographs from each series – not the films.



Art projects 2011-2016

Fortuna  2013

Hidden Shrines  2012


Sunlight and shadow. A battle with the wind. I am covered in white silk. This time one is reminded of the emergent butterfly trying to escape it’s cocoon. A huge tail (or wing) curves out over the sea. There is brightness, life and challenge – but the sun disappears behind a cloud. I am also trapped and hidden.


Norsholmen is central – both geographically and emotionally. I enlarged a photograph of my mother and placed it among the stones of Norsholmen. In the original photograph she is holding me, aged 9 months. In my enlargement one sees only her face. During the sequence I appear, covered or partially covered in white silk cloth that billows in the wind from the Baltic sea. I, aged 65, am the child. I appear to perform a ritual dance in which one can see allusions to the annunciation, the crucifixion and to a desperate child saying both ‘look at me’ and ‘where are you?’. Artistically there are allusions to early renaissance church art.

Norst Auren

The mystery of dawn and each new day